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Can I Homeschool?

When people ask me how long I’ve been homeschooling, I stutter and a look of confusion flashes over my face for a moment before I finally answer the question they are really asking:  “Um, well, let’s see, I’ve been homeschooling for five years…”
I’m sure my conversation partner is left wondering why I can’t answer this simple question, but the fact of the matter is, I’ve been homeschooling my children since they were born and if you’re a parent, you have too, haven’t you?  The moment you first held your child in your arms, his or her education began and yours continued on in a very new format.  Those early years of teaching your children that they are safe and loved, that reaching out to touch the stove is going to result in a hand swat, or worse, a burn, and that the world doesn’t completely turn around their every whim: that is home education at its earliest. 
After the sleepless infant months begins the arduous toddler education.  As delightful as chubby smiles and grubby fingers are…

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