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The End of Education: Fulfilled and Enlivened

I have been waiting for the stars to align so that I can experience peace, order, and success and then afterward write about the beautiful education journey we are on in our household and in our community.  Oops!  What a foolish aim!  That's not even what I set out to do with this writing space. 
This year, in particular, I am so aware of the messiness and total imperfection of my time-abilities-preparedness-patience-organization-energy-what-have-you.  But the incredible thing is that in spite of how I feel about life, beauty and growth keep happening all around me and within me!  And I discover I'm really not as unprepared or unskilled as I thought I was going to be because I've been practicing and learning for many years now. So in lieu of a well-thought-out essay on education, here are just some things I've noticed recently.
Since we don't "do" school on Mondays as a family Sabbath day, I had plans to try to hike or at least go on a good nature walk ev…

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